Vision Reports


Vision has a wide array of reports which are ready to use. This article explains how to obtain the reports and schedule them so that they are always pre run ready for when you need them.


All reports are run in a similar way in a standard format, where once you press the "Submit" button it will be sent to the preselected email addresses and appear in the report queue in Vision. On the screens where you can quickly view the table without exporting the data into a spreadsheet there is an Excel icon in the top right which will allow you to export the table into a spreadsheet.


Running Reports

Reports run in Vision will be sent to you and selected recipients via email. To save time reports can collected directly from Vision in 2 ways, via view report queue or completed reports.

  1. On the sidebar go to Reports > View Report Queue


  1. Click on the red download arrow and the report will appear at the bottom of the page.


  1. To view all completed reports on the sidebar, go to Reports > View Report Queue.
  2. Select report by clicking on the name and the report will appear bottom of screen on the left.



Scheduling Reports

All reports in Vision can be scheduled

  1. On choosing the criteria for the report you wish to run, select the check box at the bottom to schedule the report.


  1. Fill in the criteria needed and add all the emails you want the emails to be sent to at the selected time.

  2. Press Schedule to complete the scheduling.









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