Events in Vision


An Event in Vision is a set period where demand can temporarily be raised by a percentage or a set minimum. The sales within this event do not influence model stock calculation outside that set period.

An Event is set up and run along very similar lines to a Program or Assortment. Stores and Items are assigned to an Event which runs from a start to and end date.

During the time of an Event the model stock will be normalised, meaning demand will return to pre-event levels and any spikes in demand will be ignored.

This article provides information related to creation of Events



Creating an Event

  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance, Ad’s/Events, Event Headers


  1. Similar to the Assortment Headers function, you can filter at the top of the screen for past events and create new ones here. To create a new Event Header, click on ‘Create New’.


  1. Select the Retailer you wish to create the Event for.


  1. Type in the Event ID, this does not have to be pre-set and you can create it here.

  2. You can group events by type, this is not covered in this chapter, but Event Types can be created and controlled in the Event Type Screen.

  3. Enter the Description, this will be visible to stakeholders and has a 30-character limit, so it is best to follow a clear naming convention that is easily understood by everyone.

  4. Set the start and end dates for this Event.

  5. Set the days look ahead here. This will allow Vision to use the new Event uplift a number of days before the event starts. For example, if you set the starting look ahead to 7 days then Vision will push out more stock to meet the event’s demand. Similarly, by setting the look ahead for the end date Vision will revert to the previous level of demand. Both these functions can be used to control stock levels.

  6. There are several options to add a store list here, either by the entire Retailer, Demographic, pre-set Cluster, an Upload or Manually. Select your preferred method and click ‘Create’. The next screen will either take you to store selection or the Event Header. Store selection can be changed later.

  7. Items can be uploaded from options drop down “Upload Items” when returned to the headers screen.



  1. Populate and upload the spreadsheet as per the display format below.


  1. Any consumer sales will now be normalised between the promo start and end date. If additional stock is required to be sent in for this promo this can be added by including a “Lift” or “Quantity” when uploading the items.


Creating an Expected Incremental Demand (Events to Normalise Promotional Shipments)

  1. On the sidebar, go to Replenishment - Demand Forecast and then Demand Forecast Expected Incremental Demand.
  2. Click “Create New” to build a new retailer item record with expected future incremental demand.
  3. Enter the Name for the event


  1. Select the Retailer you wish to normalise the increase in demand for

  2. Enter the item you wish to normalise the increase in demand for

  3. Enter the date you expect the increased deliveries to begin

  4. Enter the date you expect the increased deliveries to end

  5. Enter the expected shipment amount for the end

  6. Enter the expected initial shipment quantity amount for the end

  7. Check the reporting box so that it appears in the reports

  8. This is the % of ‘Ordered Quantity’ that you would want to keep as normalised shipments. If this is all promotional shipments the number to enter here would be 0%.


  1. To upload multiple of these you can use the upload function on the “Demand Forecast Expected Incremental Demand” page.


  1. Upload the file in the format below. (Retailer codes can be found in Maintenance – Retailers and then Retailers)




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