Replenishments and Related Tasks


Running a Replenishment should be done quickly and efficient with very few manual changes by using the system effectively in terms of setting adequate min’s, max’s, and assortments. However, there are some changes that may need to be made due to the unexpected events. Where possible we would look to auto run replenishments after a retailer sales have posted on the replenishment day so that the replenishment is ready to edit straight away. In order to facilitate this, this article provides information on how to perform the different tasks related to Replenishments like creating and updating Replenishments.


The tasks are as follows:


Creating a Replenishment

  1. On the sidebar go to Replenishment – Replenishment and then Replenishment Control


  1. Click the Options dropdown menu next to the replenishment you want to run and select “Submit”.
  2. Make any necessary adjustments to your replenishment template and click “Review”. The default settings will include all stores and all items in the replenishment.


  1. Double check the details of your replenishment and click “Submit”. Add any additional recipients to the Destination Email Addresses box. Emails will be sent to those recipients.



Editing a Replenishment

The next step is to find your ‘batch’, that you have created.

  1. To do this go on the sidebar, go to Replenishment - Replenishment and then Replenishment Preview
  2. This screen shows a list of all replenishments in this environment. To view the contents of your replenishment, identify the batch you want to work with and click “Item Summary” under the options. This will show you what Items and quantities are being replenished. To view store details, choose the “Store Summary” option.
  3. To manually change lines at a line level, select Transactions from the drop-down menu next to the appropriate batch.
  4. To remove a line from the replenishment, on the options menu select ‘Toggle Processed’. Once you have selected “Toggle Processed” for the Item, the ‘Active’ Status will change from ‘Y’ to ‘N’.

  5. You can also choose to change the quantity of an Item by changing the quantity in ‘Ordered Quantity’.


Updating a Replenishment Batch en-masse

To adjust a replenishment en masse on the Transaction screen there are ways in which we can remove/factor/and add lines on the replenishment screen.

  1. Select “Mass Update” to change the status (remove from the order) of many of the Items listed on the replenishment from one/all stores.


  1. In the next screen click “Add Item” and the standard Item browse window will appear to enable you to select the Item you want to change, can also paste the items in the box below if you have them in a list already.


  1. To select the stores you wish to remove the items from, you can either leave it on “all” on the dropdown, select a single store from the dropdown or you can paste the stores in list format in the box below.

  2. Set Processed Flag to No and click “Update”. When you click “Update” the screen will give you a confirmation of the number of transactions you will change. Click “Update” again to process the changes. You can also use this screen to set certain store combinations to zero using the same process.


Factoring Replenishments

  1. To factor an item/items on the transaction screen it will give you an option to select the factor option to enable you to do this.


  1. Items can be factored by many criteria. To factor specific items, paste the list into the top box, to select all items in the batch please select the checkbox at the very top of the screen. Similarly, with the stores, to select all please choose “ALL” from the dropdown, and to list the stores please paste them in the second box.
  2. Below this you can select how to factor the items and how to narrow which items should be factored.
  3. Upon completion of selecting and entering your criteria, click on the “Count” button. Count will identify the number of records to be updated. To proceed, click “Update".


Adding Lines to Replenishment

  1. To add lines to the replenishment batch on the transaction screen it will give you an option to select the upload option to enable you to do this.


  1. Create the upload file by referring to the Upload Functionality section of this manual for format or click “Display Format”. Browse for the file you have created.


  1. Click “Add to quantity” if you wish to add the quantity of the duplicate lines to the existing batch and overwrite if you wish to only take the upload quantity and disregard the existing batch. Click “Upload” when you are happy.


Creating the Replenishment Order

  1. To create the order in the system, select “Create Orders” from the dropdown options menu next to the appropriate replenishment batch.


  1. The “Ship Date” and the “Deliver Date” will automatically default, per supplier and retailer requirements. Both can also be manually overridden. At this point you may also override the default minimum order quantity and order value. When all parameters are complete, click “Submit”.


  1. Your order will now appear in Order Groups to be committed. For instructions on how to commit an order, please refer to the “Committing an Order” section of this manual.



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