Checking and Adjusting Inventory Levels


When handling stock counts and shrinkage, checking and adjusting the Inventory levels is a necessity. This article outlines the steps for the same.


  • This feature is used for customers who DO NOT send the inventory feeds to the Vision team.
  • There is a facility to adjust inventory manually or if you have multiple adjustments you can create an upload.
  • Adjustments need to be entered by using the sum of the difference between current inventory count and the new inventory count.

Below are the steps for these processes:


Checking Inventory Levels

  1. To check store inventory levels before you adjust stock you can run a History Export report, however, the quickest way is to use "Store/Item Inventory". Go to Inquiry - Retail Inventory and then Store Item Inventory.


  1. Enter Retailer, Store Number and Item code then search
  2. Here you will find your store inventory for the item you have chosen.



Adjusting Inventory Levels

  1. If you are required to change the inventory for this store/item combination, then on the side bar, you need to go to Inquiry - Retail Inventory then Inv. Adjustments.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Select the Retailer you wish to create the adjustment for.


  1. Enter the store number for the store we are adjusting stock against.

  2. Add the item code we are adjusting stock against.

  3. Enter the value of difference in the Adjustment. Example: If the store is showing 10 units in “store inventory” and the store is claiming they only have 4 then in this cell you will enter “- 6” so it will subtract 6 from 10 to give us a new inventory of 4. It’s important to add the minus sign if the stock is reducing.

  4. Click Create. This will take you to back to the header screen.

  5. Now you can see the current inventory and what you want the system to change by - to make this happen click "Submit Adjustments".


  1. If you go back to Store/Item Inventory you can check and see it is updated.


Adjusting Inventory Levels by Upload (multiple items/stores)

  1. On the side bar, go to Inquiry - Retail Inventory then Inv. Adjustment Upload.
  2. Before you start the upload process, you need to create an upload spreadsheet. You can check the format of the spreadsheet by clicking Display Format.
Note: When using the Inventory Adjustment Upload function, you will be using
the same calculation as above whereby you calculate the difference in current
inventory and the new reporting inventory.


  1. In the Inventory Adjustment Upload screen enter your retailer.


  1. Leave the tick in this box so that the adjustments are submitted automatically rather than submitting manually.

  2. This shows how to prepare an excel spreadsheet ready to upload. It tells you what you need in each cell.

  3. Choose your excel upload file you will have already created.

  4. Click upload.

  5. You can check your new inventory by running a History Export report of looking in store/item inventory.



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