Upload Point of Sales (POS)


It is possible to perform the POS process manually for a given Retailer. This enables you to provide a quick fix to the sales in the system, and ensure the reports, replenishments and inventory is correct in the system. This article provides the steps on how to upload a POS batch.


  1. On the sidebar, go to Maintenance – POS - Uploaded POS/Inventory Batches


  1. Click "Create New" to create header record.
  2. Select retailer, add description (retailer name and date range).
  3. The Header you just created now shows at the top of the list.
  4. In the newly created header, select options, drop down (last column) to "Upload POS/Inventory".
  5. Check the spreadsheet to upload is to the correct format, see "Display Format".


  1. Select "Choose File" and upload. A message appears in red to confirm what has been uploaded.

  2. Click "Cancel" (this takes you back to the Header screen).

  3. In the header you created, click options, drop down to "Post Batch".
  4. Click "Submit" and "Ok" if a warning appears.


  1. This automatically takes you back to the Header screen and your batch now has a "P" status which means processed.



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