POS Errors and How to Fix them


If a POS error occurs to fix the error it could be a multitude of issues. However, when the data is fixed it is simple to reprocess and ensure that the data is entered into Vision. This article shows the steps to correct the POS batch when it has been corrected and shows you 3 of the most common issues that cause POS batches to fail.



Error Codes

Below is a table of the error codes and descriptions that may come up in the detail error screen for POS and further details on them.

Error Code Short Description Long Description


Store Error

Store not in the system is recording sales.

U UPC Error Barcode is registering sales that are not valid for that supplier.
$ Pricing Error Product has no pricing active pricing linked to the product for that period.


Reprocess POS Batches

If you have corrected a lot of issues for a specific retailer it is possible to reprocess all the POS batches which are currently errored for a retailer. This will then fix all the issues which have been corrected.

  1. On the sidebar, go to Maintenance – POS and Reprocess POS Batch Errors.


  1. Select the retailer you wish to reprocess the errors for and press Submit.
  2. Each email you provided will receive updates when the batches have been reprocessed.


Reposting POS Batches

By reposting you are simply updating the sale in Vision with the now updated correction and is a way to do it on a line by line basis rather than the mass job displayed earlier.

  1. From the dropdown menu on the line you have resolved the problem click “Submit Batch” – This reprocesses the sales batch to include the sales of those that had errors.


  1. Click “Submit” below.


  1. On the completion of the job, those listed in the destination email addresses box will receive confirmation via email.


Common Errors

Unknown item sent by retailer
Issue: This might be a dummy code, miscellaneous item, or another studio code
Solution: Try to identify the barcode and add into the system. Alternately, contact the retailer and ask them to remove this dummy code into a code that is recognised. This error will show on every batch until this is resolved.

Retailer Line code (SKU) not in Vision
Issue: When the retailer supplies sales by line code and the relevant line code has not been added to Vision.
Solution: Analyst to add line code in Retailer Items and then reprocess POS errors

Vision does not recognise sales from a store
Issue: Sales are supplied for a store that Vision does not recognise. The usual reason for this is that there is a new store at the retailer, and it has not been set up in Vision yet.
Solution: Store to be setup in Vision and then reprocess POS errors.



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