Check Point of Sales


POS files can be uploaded manually, or as is more common, can be scheduled to come in via a data feed and uploaded automatically by the Vision system. The objective of the check is to ensure that all of the sales have posted correctly and that the data is not erroneous or has any formatting errors that has caused the upload to fail on some or all of the lines.


As the sales help drive the weekly replenishments, it is necessary to ensure POS have posted successfully before running the replenishment. Below are the steps for checking POS Headers:

  1. On the sidebar, go to Maintenance – POS and POS Headers.


  1. The POS header screen shows sales by retailer and is sorted by default with the latest POS posted at the top. To check individual sales first sort by retailer.
  2. Select retailer you wish to check the POS sales for from the drop-down


  1. Check the Post date, this should be the day on which the sales are recorded.

  2. Check the Created date, this will be the date in which the sales were uploaded in the vision system

  3. Check the Status, as mentioned earlier, if it is ‘P’ it ensures that it has posted correctly, if it hasn’t posted correctly this will show an ‘O’.

  4. Check the Quantity, this will be the total number of units in the upload file.

  5. To see further details about the data use the drop down, select “W/W Detail” to see a line level view, or if there are errors in the files and you want to see further details on these, please select “Detail Errors” and another screen will appear with more detail on the error.




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