Creating Programs in Vision


Programs are used to create groups of stores within retailers so that they can be used in Assortments and Benchmarks. This article provides basic information related to Programs and how to create them in Vision.


You can have numerous clusters inside a program however you cannot have clusters spanning across programs. This allows you to have a program for a promotion and have different store groups receiving different sized promotions within the program. This would work in the case that a smaller store would receive a different size promotion to a larger store despite being a part of the same campaign and being reported in the same way. An example of a Program and Cluster being used is so that all stores receiving a promotion are a part of the same one.

Below are the steps for creating a Program:

  1. On the sidebar go to Distribution - Programs and then Programs.


  1. Click Create New


  1. Select the Retailer you wish to create the program for.


  1. Enter an abbreviated program name.

  2. Select the program type, most used will be assortment. The other options are used for benchmarks.

  3. Enter the program description.

  4. After pressing create, the program will appear on the next screen. To create a cluster to go with the program on the options menu select “Clusters”.


  1. On the cluster screen select “Create New”.


  1. Enter a 3-character (max) identifier and a description for the cluster.
  2. The header will be created and will appear in the cluster header screen.


  1. To add stores to the cluster on the options dropdown menu on the header, select “Stores”


  1. This will allow 2 ways to add stores. By upload and individually. To upload stores, select the “Upload” Option.
  2. Create a file in the format displayed below and upload. When the upload has been successful (a message will appear), click cancel to return to the Cluster Store screen.


  1. To add stores individually. Click on create new on the Cluster Stores page.


  1. Select how you wish to add your stores. In this case we are adding a single store. Select the cluster via the dropdown of the Cluster you wish the store to be added to


  1. Select the store you wish to add on the next screen and select Add Store.
  2. This will take you back to the Cluster Stores screen. Select Programs to go back to the program header. In the program screen select the dropdown menu on the relevant program and select the option “Toggle Status”


  1. Press Activate to make the program live.







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