Updating Vendors in Vision


A Vendor is the supplier of a Product/Stock. Only one Vendor can be assigned to an Item. Every Item is linked to a Vendor to be able to place purchase orders with the Manufacturer. So, updating Vendors (when required) is an important aspect in the product and this article provides the steps for the same.


  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance - Items and then Items.


  1. Here you will find all the items and descriptions of products that have been set up.

  2. For a single item change, enter the item number using the search function, when you have found the item you want to update, click the drop-down options, and choose to edit.

  3. Select the vendor you want from the drop-down options and click update.


  1. If you need to update the vendor on multiple items, there is an upload function on the main “items” page called “Upload Item Updates”.


  1. Create an upload document (spreadsheet) following the upload criteria which is you can find by clicking on Display format.


  1. Choose your retailer and upload the file.



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