Item Maintenance in Vision


An Item is a product that Vision is either going to replenish or report on. Adding new items is done at supplier level and should be done as early as possible to ensure that all the information is in the system so that the item can be reported on, replenished, and put in benchmarks. If there are numerous retailers there can be retailer specific information added such as individual SKU numbers which will then be reported on per retailer.

This article provides information on the complete life cycle of an Item and any components around it that are required for it's maintenance in Vision.


Create an Item

  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance -Items and then Items.


  1. Click on Create New to create a new item


  1. Populate all appropriate fields as required


  1. Deselect the “Continue adding more Items” if you have no more items to add and click “Create”.


Add Retailer SKUs to Items

  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance – Retailers and then Retailer Items.


  1. On the following menu you can filter to preview existing SKUs or click “Create New” to generate a new retailers specific SKU.


  1. Select the appropriate retailer from the dropdown menu


  1. Enter the Supplier Item (or use the browser key to search for it)
  2. Enter the Retailer SKU number
  3. Leave the replenishment type and department type as “None”
  4. Select Catalogue Product from the Product Group drop down
  5. Enter the First Sales Date (Release Date) in the box
  6. Press Create to complete the process

Uploading the Retailer SKU

  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance – Retailer and then Retailer Item Upload


  1. Select the retailer you wish to upload the retailer SKU numbers for, and upload the file as per the format shown in display format



Updating Item Vendor in the Vision System

  1. On the sidebar go to Maintenance – Items and then Items.


  1. For a single item change, click the options drop down, choose "Edit"


  1. Select the desired Vendor from the drop-down list.


  1. For updating multiple items at one time, click on the “Upload Item Updates” button.


  1. The following screen appears leave retailer as "None".


  1. Create a file that contains the items that need to be updated with the New Vendor in column 6. This will be the Vendor ID from the Vision system. (see below for a current list for the UK)
  2. The “change allow order even if the item is in an assortment” box should only be check if you are changing an items allow order flag to ‘N’.
  3. Any time a new item is loaded in Vision the Vendor must be entered before the item can be ordered from the Manufacturer.


Creating and Updating Orderable Items

  1. On the sidebar go to Replenishment – Demand Forecast and then Orderable Items


  1. To Edit, select an item, select the Edit icon and the following screen appears. Enter the required MOQ and then click the “save” button at the bottom of the screen.


  1. To Add, select the Add icon and the following screen appears. Enter the Alt. Item, the MOQ and then click the “Add” button.



Uploading Orderable Items

  1. On the sidebar go to Replenishment – Demand Forecast and then Orderable Item Upload


  1. Select “Display Format” to see the format for the upload file. Once the file is complete, select “Choose File” and find the file on your computer. Then choose “Upload”.




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