Troubleshooting Article - Account Import Issues


This article explains how to correctly troubleshoot issues related to Account import issues. Some of the common symptoms related to this topic are:

  • “The date type product detail (Maturity Date) provided on this account is not a valid date format.”
  • “The user ID provided on this account could not be located in the R1 database.”
  • “The closed date provided on this account is not a valid date.”
  • Closed accounts do not have maturity dates.







Contact the Account Management Team

Your Account Manager can be contacted for special import logic to be developed by the professional services team, which might involve some paid work (I.E. Accounts do not have maturity dates, then import logic rules can be modified to use the last invoice date as the maturity date). In such a case, make sure you provide the following information:

Phone No.:
Contact Name:
Type of request: <In this case, explain the type of request you are creating. I.E. "I need to add custom fields in service requests">
Comment(s): <In this case, add any comment you want, related to the type of request>

If you don't know who your account manager is, create a ticket with Support and we will route the case to the proper team. If you already created a ticket with Support, just add the information described previously to the ticket.


Review the import file

Make sure you check the import file to ensure that the Maturity Date value (which is mandatory) exists missing and that the dates are formatted incorrectly. a good practice while reviewing import files, is checking some other successfully imported files and comparing them with the one which is having issues. More information about this topic can be found in the Some values provided in the import file are not in a valid date format KB Article. 


Users are not assigned to the user IDs

These types of errors can be caused by no users being assigned to the user IDs specified in the error message. Make sure you consult the Error “The user ID provided on this account could not be located in the R1 database” for more information about this problem.


Validate the closed date in the Core system

When you receive this type of error, you must validate your Core system the closed date provided for the account specified in the error message.


Contact Support

If you got to this point, you already executed all the steps required to troubleshoot if this is an issue related to the user's end or not. In such a case, log a ticket to Support and provide the following information:

  • The error that was observed.
  • The troubleshooting steps that were implemented.
  • Any other information you consider might be relevant to find the solution to this problem.



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