Analyzer Not Accessible - Troubleshooting Article


  • The Analyzer is not accessible via browser or command line.

  • Tomcat is not responding to HTTP requests.






Make the following changes to Tomcat configuration settings one-by-one and check if the HTTP connections receive any reply:

  1. Increase the number of threads responding to HTTP requests in the server.xml file to see if Tomcat then responds.
  2. Temporarily change HTTPS to HTTP.
  3. Review the Connector parameters in the server.xml file as well as the Keystore
  4. Change IPv6 by IPv4 in the Tomcat Java startup parameters (in /opt/tomcat/bin/ so that the socket now listens over IPv4.

    Does Tomcat respond after making any of the above changes? If not, proceed to the next steps.

  5. Review the OAE configurations to confirm they are present and are correct. 
  6. Check for the following known issue where Tomcat gets stuck during startup because the ProtocolHandler does not start, using this solution article.



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