Cannot delete / modify the ready.txt file


While reviewing the export process from your Core system to ResourceOne, you noticed that the server does not allow you to create a ready.txt file (despite your user account having the proper permissions to create/modify files). 




The Root Cause for this issue to happen can be related to either a permissions issue (you believe you have them but they got changed by an administrator) or this file is flagged as a suspicious file by the antivirus (This last can be reviewed by your security team). Since this file is the output of a process and serves as an input for another process, if you receive an error like the one described in the overview, the whole sync process will stop or throw errors.

Regardless of the Root Cause, it is good to understand that you can change the steps of the job that uses this file as an input, to read another different file (instead of this ready.txt default file). To do so, complete the following steps:

  1. Look for the MUU_Insert_exception job (this is the job in charge of taking the ready.txt file as input) and open its step list.


  2. Open the first step (it should be named Delete_Ready.txt) and change the input TXT file, as shown in the following example, where we changed ready.txt for ready_new.txt:


  3. Locate the stored procedure named [dbo].[spReadyFileCheck] and open it.


  4. Change every single instance where ready.txt can be read for the new name (in this case, we used ready_new.txt):


  5. Restart the CoreTrac instance and resume the job(s) that were stopped due to this problem.



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