Collector Not Loading Data: MD5 Verification Error


  • You have stopped seeing data records after a certain date and time.
  • The collector is not loading/retrieving data and files seem to be stuck in the spool directory.
  • Logs from the collector show an MD5 verification error.


  • Locate the .pmd file that failed MD5 verification and is stuck in the spool directory /sensage/collector/queue/.../spool
  • Move the .pmd and accompanying .meta file back to the parent log queue directory, which skips the MD5 verification that failed during processing.
  • Then, rename the .pmd file to .log to set it ready for processing.
  • Restart the collector service.

The file should load as expected. Also, any files that were present in the archive directory should now be successfully processed by the retriever, make it to the log queue directory, and be ready for loading.



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