Correcting completed orders that are short shipped


You have two examples of orders where there was one line but that one line was short shipped. These display the completed message in CIMS HS0A but so far are not showing as charging in Ingenico and do not display a canceled item in HS0A/Payments screen. You want to correct these orders to reflect that one item was short shipped and should be canceled while charging for the item(s) that were shipped.


Please reach out to the Support team and provide affected SOR_REF, SOR_NUM, DSP_NUM, and GTRANS_NUM.

The support team will update the orders directly in the DB.


Note: The query is not a direct one-to-one solution since the state of the order, line items, dispatch, and pick lines may vary from each scenario.

1. Use the get_order_status procedure of the MAIL package to determine and compare the current state of the requested order to the intended state.

2. Use the following SQL code to update each affected order.

Request SOR_REF, SOR_NUM, DSP_NUM, and GTRANS_NUM from the customer if not provided.

select * from sor_defs where sor_ref = '49460441' 
update sor_items set dsp_qty = 3, qty5 = 3, sor_qty = 3 where sor_num =  4340166;
update gtrans_defs set gtrans_state = 'SEND' where gtrans_num = 29596826;
select sor_num, mail.get_order_status(sor_num) from sor_defs where sor_num = 4340166





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