Can't make a refund via HS0D refund screen


When trying to process the refund of the order you are unable to do anything on the refund screen HS0D. You can’t fill all the necessary boxes because you are unable to leave the box where you input the order number.


The order being entered will be blocked by the message not valid delivery address for the customer if the Delivery address reference in HS0D is different from that configured in the HS0A screen. There is no method to update this via CIMS UI but the Customer Support team can update this directly in the DB. This should allow the order to be loaded from the HS0D ready to be returned if needed. 

Please create the Customer Support ticket.

Previously the agent traced this back from the code in L0D in CALC_REDESP_DEST on cursor c2. Traced back to the related tables and found the sor_items and noticed that the sac_dsp_num is different from the sor_num sac_num and also gdest_num of gtrans_defs based on the given sor_num.
Execute this SQL query to fix it:

update sor_items set sac_dsp_num = 14684376  where sor_num = 17777997 and sac_dsp_num = 14684382
  • adjust ids based on the customer's data.
  • sac_dsp_num - is the id of the Delivery address.




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