Purge Data Directories During SenSage AP Uninstall


This article explains how to clear/purge data directories when running the uninstall.sh script (that is present in the hawkeye-ap directory) to uninstall SenSage AP.



*Note:  The execution of the uninstall script requires root level access as services in /etc/init.d need to be removed

By default, all data directories are preserved. These can be purged by using the following options:

hawkeye-ap]# ./uninstall.sh --help

Usage: ./uninstall.sh [options]

        By default the uninstall script will preserve all data directories.
        If you'd like to remove these directories use following parameters accordingly

        -h | --help                     Print this help menu
        --purge-sls-data                Remove all SLS data
        --purge-postgres-data           Remove all Postgres data
        --purge-collector-data          Remove all Collector data
        --purge-ldap-data               Remove all EDW LDAP data
        --purge-nss-data                Remove all NSS data
        --purge                         Removes all files associated with installation.
                                        Ignores all other options.

           Multi-Node Uninstalls
        * For multinode uninstalls you are required to copy and execute this uninstall
          script on every node in the cluster.



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