Creating a New User Account on the Knova Support Portal


You may need to register a new user account on the Ignite Global support portal so that you or a user within your company could access all Knova knowledge base articles and submit tickets for your organization.


  1. Click Sign In at the top of the page:


  2. Click Sign Up.


  3. Enter your name and company email (or the details for the required user) and click Sign up.
    Note: If you are using your company email account, your new account should be added to your organization automatically.


  4. Check your mailbox - you should receive an email with a link to verify your account.
    Note: If you still do not have access to all articles in the Knova knowledge base, please submit a request for our Support Team to add your user to your organization account.


If a customer submits a request to create a new user account on the support portal, you can create the requested account following the article Adding a User in Zendesk Support Portal and share the current article to promote self-service.

If a customer reports that they are not able to access knowledge base articles after registering on the support portal, add their account to their organization (as described in the article linked above).




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