System is slow and 'To Do List' will not load


The end-users are facing overall slowness in the ResourceOne system and their 'To Do List' is not loading. You already had them clear their browser history, had memory added and the SQL server allocation adjusted, but the issue persists.





This issue is related to a lack of server memory, likely due to the connection timing out from a lack of resources on the server compounded by the remote location of the user. This can be confirmed by checking that the 'To Do List' works on the server when logging in as any of the users that reported the issue.

This matter is out of Customer Support scope, but the existing options to solve the issue are a bigger upgrade of the server memory or a split of the current single server into two separated servers, one for the Database and the other for running the Application.

  • If you want to split your CoreTrac Server, make sure you contact the Account Management team and provide the following information:

    Phone No.:
    Contact Name:
    Type of request: <In this case, explain the type of request you are creating. I.E. "I need to split my CoreTrac server">
    Comment(s): <In this case, add any comment you want, related to the type of request>

    If you don't know who your account manager is, create a ticket with Support and we will route the case to the proper team. If you already created a ticket with Support, just add the information described previously to the ticket.

For more information about this type of issues, consult the Troubleshooting Article - Performance Issues KB article.



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