Till not batching properly - Troubleshooting Article


You face an issue where a till does not batch properly and this keeps happening on a regular basis.



Check the Till Transactions

Check the till records and the transactions that were made through the till with batch run status as completed.


Use the following query to generate a batch run report. Replace the value for in_date and till_num as per the customer's issue:

select in_date, till_num, Ftrans_run batch_run, count(pos_num) count
from pos_grp_defs
where shop_num = (
select loc_num from loc_defs where loc_sort like 'CHE'
) and in_date >= '01-MAY-21' and in_date <= '03-JUN-21'
and Ftrans_run = 'Y'
and till_num = '03'
group by in_date, till_num, Ftrans_run
order by in_date asc


If there were transactions made successfully and the till is failing to batch now, move on to the next step.

Check for Errors

Check for any errors that are generated on the Till when the batch failed. If there are any errors generated, report them to the Prologic customer support mentioning the till that had the problem. If there aren't errors generated, continue to the next step.

Check for any Error Reports

Check for any error reports that were generated after the batching failed. E.g. A Polling Report email comes in the morning saying that the till did not batch successfully. 

Check for Z-Report

Check the Z-Report for the till and see if it is including a banking amount, if it does, it signifies that the batch was completed. 

The Z-report can be retrieved from RO1B 

However, if the till shows issues again after being batched successfully and the occurrence of the failures is quite intermittent, it is likely that the failure is being caused by the network connection that may have disconnected during the synchronization attempt. 

Check your Network Connectivity

Contact your IT team and ask them to check if there are any issues with the network connectivity on your side. If there are any issues, resolving them would solve the problem for you.

If there are no network connectivity issues, contact the Prologic Support team explaining the problem and mentioning the till(s) and include any errors or reports that were generated while the till batch process failed and the Prologic support team will be happy to help you resolve your issue.


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