SSL Certificate Expired for Knova Knowledge Central


Your SSL certificate for the Knova self-service site has expired and you want to know how to replace it with a new one.


Follow the steps from the article Configuring HTTPS for Knova to replace your SSL certificate.

If you are still getting the old certificate when trying to log in, you may have Apache installed in front of Knova - this is where the certificates reside and need to be updated. In this case, follow the step below:

  1. Find the Apache installation folder on your server.
  2. Open the Apache2.2/bin folder (according to your Apache version) and open the httpd.conf file in a text editor.
  3. Check the location of the existing SSL certificates:


  4. Rename (i.e. backup) old certificates.
    Note: Make sure that the file names match the names from the httpd.conf file.
  5. Run Command Prompt as Administrator.
  6. Navigate to the Apache2.2/bin folder.
  7. Stop and start Apache using the following commands:
    • httpd -k stop
    • httpd -k start

      Alternatively, you can restart the Apache server.
      : Stopping and starting Apache using the Services tool will not work.

      Once Apache is restarted, log into Knova to verify that the new certificates are working properly.



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