Migrating CoreTrac Server


You are migrating CoreTrac server to a new subnet and site on your network. You want to know what application configurations are required. This article provides the information on the same.



Server migration is a tricky task that is generally performed by our Professional Services team. Contact your Account Manager for further details. There is a cost associated with the server migration especially if you are no longer under a maintenance contract. The cost will depend on the number of servers and the database size. 

From a high-level perspective, it is required to configure the IIS R1 application domain to work in your new subnet and ensure the communication between the different components (that might be different on each R1 installation): Active Directory, server, and domain, Database communication, email server communication.

If you want to migrate your CoreTrac Server, make sure you contact the Account Management team and provide the following information:

Phone No.:
Contact Name:
Type of request: <In this case, explain the type of request you are creating. I.E. "I need to migrate my CoreTrac server">
Comment(s): <In this case, add any comment you want, related to the type of request>

If you don't know who your account manager is, create a ticket with Support and we will route the case to the proper team. If you already created a ticket with Support, just add the information described previously to the ticket.

Pre-requisite for Server migration are to have the new server environment(s) up and running, including all associated/required installations (.NET, IIS, SQL Server, SQL Tools, etc.)



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