Knova Is Slow or Inaccessible


You may encounter an issue with latency (pages take long time to load) and, as a result, Knova is inaccessible for users. Also, Wildfly services may be using large amount of CPU resources, causing timeout issues.


  1. To resolve this issue, restart all of the Knova services.

  2. If updates to articles are not being published on search pages, run the re-contribution process.
    Note: Re-contribution is a process that parses each article, identifying updates and any changes made to articles, and stores the information in the database. This process may take a lot of time (up to a day or two) if you have a large knowledge base.

  3. If the latency issue persists, check if there are other services (not related to Knova) that are slowing down your server. Additionally, refer to the article Knova Is Not Loading for Users or Admins.

    If you still experience the issue with pages loading slowly, submit a ticket including the latest commoncontainer logs, which can be found at C:\Knova\Software\Platform\Log.




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