Automatic Email Notifications Are Not Received


You notice ResourceOne is no longer auto-sending email notifications. When users complete a task in the system, ResourceOne should send auto email notifications. You recently migrated your email server from one provider to another. 



  1. Check if the mail (SMTP) configuration is missing in ResourceOne. If so, this is the reason why email notifications are not working.


  2. Contact your company IT team for SMTP server details and the credentials for a no-reply mailbox that is likely used as the sender for these notifications.

  3. To fix the issue, enter your current mail server config details in the following file on the CoreTrac APP server (inside its working directory): \configs\envsettings.xml. To do so, complete the following steps:

    1. Open the file for editing and navigate to the lines similar to the ones below: 
      <add key="SMTPServer" value="localhost"/>
      <add key="SMTPUser""/>
      <add key="SMTPPassword" value="mypassword"/>
    2. Fill in the appropriate details and save changes.

  4. Restart the ResourceOne Application via Administration > System > Application Status> Restart Application.

    Note that this action will cause a short (10-15 sec) disruption to the Application, so plan accordingly.



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