Test CIMS not processing orders



You are not able to process or import any orders on your test CIMS. The loader task keeps failing. It stops picking up orders and there is no log available for you to see what the problem is. And it is also showing the wrong time.



The problem is usually due to space unavailability. A space depletion in the logfiles mount point might be happening and preventing the program to complete successfully.

Freeing up available space will be needed to make orders process successfully.

Raise a support ticket explaining your issue and provide a screenshot or video of the error that includes the message_id and the Prologic support team will be happy to help you.

This is what the message_id looks like;



  1. Access the customer's database and check the status of the program under the message_id provided by the customer. Use the following query:
    select * from program_status where message_id = xxxxxx
    • Identify the program name (prog_name), status (exit_status), and the location and name of the log file (logfile). 
  2. Notice the program details and check for failures on the program calls.
    select * from program_status 
    where prog_name='<program name acquired in the previous step>' order by start_time desc
  3. If there is no log file, it is possible it cannot be generated because the space is depleted. Check the space and confirm if the space for a data mount point is depleted. E.g. In the below picture, the /data2 mount point is depleted. 
  4. If the space is depleted, it might be that a program is running in Debug mode 6 and generating quite a high amount of size. Free up space and remove some files that have big sizes to create space to allow the processes to work normally. This should resolve the customer's issue and allow them to process orders. Refer to How-to free partitions disk space by removing CIMS log files for more information.


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