Voiding a part of a payment


A till froze during a transaction and you had to make the transaction again. However, both the transactions processed and the till that froze is also out an amount and you want the part of the payment to be voided. 

E.g. A till froze during a transaction and you made the transaction again but it processed both times. And in the first transaction, a voucher was included which you want to be removed/voided.


It is, unfortunately not possible to void a part payment, the void flag is only able to be applied on the transaction level and not on the payment level.

Therefore, in order to correct a transaction record, the whole transaction will have to be voided. 

Raise a support ticket explaining your problem and mentioning the following details in order to get a transaction voided;

  • Till number
  • Order ID (Transaction Number)
  • Store name, and
  • The date of transaction.


Refer to the article Voiding a transaction to know the steps for voiding a transaction. 





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