Method to Upload Communications Sent Out to Customers


You would like to know a way to upload communications into CoreTrac CRM either by file upload or API. You are currently adding customer communications into your CRM one by one.



You can use Marketing Manager, which is an optional module of CoreTrac, to create communications, which allows you to generate Marketing Lists from a contact and prospect data for email, direct mail, and phone campaigns. It contains two submodules:

  • Marketing Lists 
  • Marketing Campaigns

Using the Marketing List option of the Marketing Manager module, you can apply filters to create contact/activity lists. After generating the list, you can:

  • Run reports or export lists into various file formats.
  • Create events or pipelines for distribution to employees so they can cross-sell to the contact lists you created (launch Marketing Campaign).
  • The Marketing Manager will also allow administrators and managers to set up product recommendations. The product recommendations, in turn, can be configured to pop-up when a CoreTrac user opens a contact record.


  • You can't assign cases based on Marketing campaigns, probably assigning a task to the resolving team can facilitate any cases creation task.
  • You can add notes to the contacts based on a market list since a note is automatically created on the contact profile when an event or task is generated for the same in a marketing campaign.

For more information, please see the attached Marketing Manager Guide.




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