Card Machine Only Taking Contactless Payments


The till card machine (also referred to as the C&P unit) is not able to accept card payments unless they are contactless. If a card is entered in the slot or swiped, the payment will not be processed. 


In most cases, doing the following process can resolve the issue:

  • Check the cables from the till to the C&P unit (card machine) and make sure they are properly seated.
  • If everything is connected correctly:
    • Remove the C&P cable from the back of the till.
    • Restart the till.
    • While the till is shutting down, reconnect the C&P unit. 

If the issue persists, it is possible the unit needs to be replaced. Please reach out to Prologic Support with the following information so that they can contact Esteem to check the problem unit:

  • Store Name
  • Store Address
  • Store Contact Number
  • Store Manager's Name
  • Hardware Product
  • Issue Details


Refer to the following article to log a ticket with Esteem: Logging a Ticket with Esteem for Prologic Hardware Issues




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