Downloading tickets


This article will show you how to download or print your tickets from the Ignite Support Portal.



You must have a customer account on the Ignite Support Portal.  For new customers, you need to sign-up first to be able to submit support requests or view and download requests from other members of your organization.

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  • Login to the Ignite Support Portal
  • Go to My Activities > Requests. Or simply use the link
  • Click on My requests. If you did not create some of the tickets you want to download, you can see Organization requests.downloadrequest.png
  • Open each ticket from the list and access the print option by clicking CTRL+P.
  • Set the destination as Microsoft Print to PDF.
  • Click Print.



Note for agents:

  • If a customer contacts CS for help in downloading ticket history, the agent should not print tickets directly from the Zendesk support portal using their own profile because tickets contain a lot of internal communication which is visible to you but is not supposed to be seen by the customer.
  • Agents can attempt to assume the customer's identity through their Zendesk profile and then print the tickets for them using the instructions in this article. However, there are often issues with tickets loading when impersonating a different user. It is better to point the customer to this SKB article so they can print it themselves.


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