Updating (Reinstating) an order in the CIMS


You have edited an order in the CIMS Hs7b and accidentally removed the wrong units in it. And you want the edited items to be reinstated.



Raise a support request explaining the problem and mentioning the Order ID of the order and the lines of items inside the order that you want to be updated and the Prologic support team will be happy to help you.


In order to reinstate the item lines, you will have to update the state of the required lines from KILL to PREP.

You will have to access the customer's DB and run the following query;

update sor_items set sitem_state = 'PREP' where sor_num = <xxxx> and sitem_state = 'KILL'

where '<xxxx>' is the Sales ID.

Also, notice the state of the order line and make sure the despatch state is set to NONE in order to allow it to be processed again after the customer makes the updates. Use the following query;

update sor_items set dsp_state = 'NONE' where sor_num = <xxx>

The despatch can be found in the gtran_items table by searching the sor_num field, from these despatches, you can find the pick from discovered despatches, using the orig_dsp_num field's value to find the pick movement number.

NOTE: It is highly recommended to create backup tables first before changing the data and drop the backup tables after the solution is confirmed. Follow the instruction in the agent section of this article to create a backup.





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