Till Card Machine can not connect to PED


You might have a problem where a Till Card Machine (Chip and Pin machine) does not allow any sales and a pop saying "Cannot connect to PED" appears making you unable to use the till for card payments.



The problem is most likely with your local equipment and in order to resolve this, a SolveConnect Restart service on the till or the hubs will be needed. 

In order to get help with the SolveConnect Restart service, raise a support ticket explaining your problem and mentioning the problematic Till and the Prologic support team will be happy to resolve your issue.

If the issue is still not resolved after a service restart has been performed, please contact Prologic support and share a video recording of the PED screen and the error message displayed on the Till while attempting to make a card payment.


Follow the details in Bouncing the SolveConnect article in order to restart the SolveConnect service. If restarting the till does not work, restart the SolveConnect Service on both (all) the hubs. 
Make sure to perform the solution after business hours and notify the customer beforehand. 


After performing the service restart, review the logs to make sure that the errors are gone and PED is connected with the till.


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