Till not turning on



You might face an issue where a till does not turn. You've checked all the cables and power supply but no power seems to be going to the till from AC Adaptor/Power unit. And the power unit does not turn on when you check the on/off button.


The issue might be due to a failed power supply unit. In order to resolve the issue and get your till back to work, you might need to get the power supply unit replaced. 

Raise a support ticket explaining the issue and the Prologic supports team will look deeper into the cause of the issue. If the issue is with the power supply unit, then Support team will coordinate with the Hardware Vendor (Esteem) to get it replaced for you.


If a customer is having a problem with the tills (which are an EPOS component), the issue needs to be escalated to the Esteem (Hardware Vendor team). Follow the details in this article to log a ticket with Esteem.






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