Knova - Release Notes & Known Issues

Feature Enhancements

The following features are currently not available in Knova and have been logged as enhancements for future releases:

  • Add a button to open documents in new tabs - to save time and avoid copy-pasting URL into a new tab.
  • Add a confirmation message within the feedback process - to notify users about successful feedback submission.
  • Display parent document title with the display name of the attachment file in the search result list - to provide better visibility into search results source.
  • Ability to clear all filters for search results in Content Manager - to clear filters in one click.
  • Copy attached files for created language editions - to avoid adding all files manually every time.
  • Display Document ID with the Title in Hot Topics widget - for better Hot Topics visibility.
  • Single notification email for all subscriptions - to avoid multiple subscription notifications.
  • Ability to parse steps within a document - to incorporate structured content into Knova authoring.
  • Monitor the number of users currently logged into the system - to have better visibility into current system usage.
  • Allow reusing of each fragment for fragments created within a document - for more granular content reuse.
  • Allow structured content and metadata formatting - for better customization.
  • Allow adding customer name to RWB template - for branding.
  • Allow changing character limit for equivalent terms in Universal Metadata Manager - for better customization.
  • Single-click feedback option - for faster feedback usage.
  • Workflow rules for multiple review states for multi-country products - for more multi-country products workflow flexibility.
  • Date range selection for Hot Topics widget - for better searchability.

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Known Issues

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