Tills card machines keep going down


You might face an issue where all or some of your tills card machines keep going down and the issue persists even after you rebooted the tills multiple times.

E.g. The odd numbered tills 15, 17, and 19 keep going down repeatedly. 



The issue with your tills card machines going down repeatedly can be due to an IT connectivity issue on your end. Check with your IT Network Team for any network connectivity issues at your end. 

Resolving those issues should resolve the problem with tills going down repeatedly. 

If you confirmed that the issue isn't at your end and the problem persists, raise a support ticket explaining your problem and mentioning the problematic tills and the Prologic support team will look further into the issue and resolve it.


Refer to this troubleshooting article for information on the initial diagnosis steps to resolve the problem.




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