Unable to Edit Resources List with Full Control Permissions


You are having issues with access rights preventing you from editing or changing any profile within the Resources List. When checking your permissions on the Resource list, however, it shows that you have Full Control.



This behavior most often appears due to permission inheritance causing your user to have mismatched permission on the Parent List and the affected Resources List. To resolve this behavior, you can review and correct your permissions within the Parent List directly.


Verifying the Permission Issue

  1. Within the affected child list, select the hyperlink for the Parent List within the alert top ribbon.


  2. Select Permissions > Check Permissions from the top ribbon.
  3. Enter your Username and click Check Now to Review the Permissions for your User within the Parent List.
  4. Confirm that you see the "Limited Access" in addition to the "Full Control" permission.



Correcting your User Permissions

  1. Within the Parent List, identify the "Show Users" hyperlink within the alert top ribbon.


  2. Search for your Username on the list, and click the checkbox to select it.
  3. Select Permissions > Edit User Permissions from the top ribbon.
  4. Remove the incorrectly assigned "Limited Access" permission.
  5. Click OK to finalize the changes.



After updating your User Permissions on the Parent List, return to the Resources List and confirm that you are now correctly able to edit or change the profiles as expected.



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