Unable to Edit Project Due To Unexpected Spaces in Project Name


When you attempt to edit a Project within your EPM Project Center, it shows an error stating that "The "BrowserFormWebPart" Web Part appears to be causing a problem. An XML error has occurred." When pulling the ReportingProjectName field from the Project Center for reporting on this affected Project, the Rich Text field shows several unexpected extra spaces and line breaks.





Based on investigations by the Development Team, this trouble with the extra spaces and line breaks in the Project Name is not caused by EPM Live; however, it has been shown to cause difficulty with editing and reporting for the affected Projects. As a method for resolving this behavior, your SharePoint Admin can utilize the provided SharePoint PowerShell commands below to remove these on the backend.

Note: Before running the PowerShell commands, please back up/copy the Project Center List:

  1. On the Project Center, select List > Export to Excel from the top ribbon.
  2. When prompted, select Export All the Items, and click OK.

We suggest that you consult with your Systems Admin directly to help edit and run the commands below against your environment.

This sequence of commands will pull the Project Center list from your EPM site, collect the affected Project by its ID, replace the "Title" field with the correct value, and then Update the Project. Edit the following parameters before running the command:

  • <YOUR_EPM_SITE> = The URL of your EPM Live Site.
  • <AFFECTED_PROJECT_ID> = The ID for the Project you want to Update.
  • <NEW_NAME> = The correct name of the Project.
$web = get-spweb <YOUR_EPM_SITE>
$list = $web.Lists["Project Center"]
$item = $list.GetItemById(<AFFECTED_PROJECT_ID>)
$item["Title"] = "<NEW_NAME>"



After the Title of the Project has been updated using the edited PowerShell command, open the Project via the Project Center within your EPM Live site. Verify that you can once again edit the Project. Similarly, reattempt to use the ReportingProjectName field within your reports and confirm that the errant spaces/line breaks are no longer appearing.



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