Rebuilding the set of Permissions for an account


You are having permissions issues but the account permissions you are dealing with are correctly set up. 



Rebuilding the set of permissions for an account is a process that will force the triggering of the scripts that will recreate the permissions of an account. To rebuild the set of permissions, complete the following steps:

  1. Open the ResourceOne software (CoreTrac) and log in with your credentials.

  2. Look for the user you want to rebuild the permissions to, by going to Administration > Security > Users and clicking the icon of the User in question, as shown in the following screenshot:


  3. Switch the Custom Permissions option (CUSTOM PERM) to Yes



  4. Click on the SAVE icon, at the top-right section of the screen.


  5. Now go to the Permissions tab. You will see all the permissions in "Editable mode" as shown in the following picture:


  6. Edit any of the permissions by checking its checkbox. For this example, I clicked on "Add Institution" permission. The idea is to look at any empty checkbox and check it.


  7. Click on the SAVE icon again.


    This action will trigger the script that rebuilds all the permissions for this account.

  8. Now, revert the changes by unticking the box you ticked on step 6 and saving again, and go back to the OVERVIEW tab (at the left side of the screen) and checking the CUSTOM PERMS switch.

    You will see that it changed and now it is not exactly YES or NO, as shown in the following picture (it is a little bit green):


  9. Click again the CUSTOM PERMS switch and it will become "normal" again (in NO state).


    This way you will revert back to the original state, but the permissions for this account will be rebuilt as well (in step 7).



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