Delay In Lead Scoring


You may notice a delay in lead scoring in Infer, which impacts routing and assignment of leads for your team.


Please note that there may be delays in scoring from 10 minutes to an hour depending on how much data needs to be transferred and processed - if Infer receives 300,000 records, such amount of data cannot be processed immediately (within 5-10 minutes): Salesforce allows to download up to 2000 entities and update 200 entities at a time. It means that to fetch 300K records, Infer needs to execute at least 150 queries to Salesforce and each query might take from several seconds to a minute. The more data Salesforce reports as updated, the more time is needed for the data to be transferred.

Additionally, delays may occur when a scoring job stopped due to an error - we have a monitoring tool implemented to capture such cases; the monitor creates an alert if no jobs were processed for an hour or longer, and our team will investigate the detected issue.

If you see an ongoing scoring delay that is longer than an hour and want to know the status of the issue, you can check the Infer Status page and/or submit a support request.

If a customer reports a delay in lead scoring, check if there is an existing Jira ticket under the INFER project and verify status of jobs for the affected customer. 

If there are no existing Jira tickets and the issue is ongoing, create a new SaaS Incident to report this outage.



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