What daily important process is run on ResourceOne?


You would like to gain a better understanding of what important processes are run daily by this system.



For most of the ResourceOne, installations the process is basically:

  1. An export process runs daily on the Core system, and it is triggered to generate CSV files containing the activities of the bank accounts (Based on a DTSX file).

  2. These CSV files are copied to the <Coretrac installation Folder>\MUU\DataFiles folder of the database server.
    In this example, the CoreTrac installation folder is C:\ResourceOne

  3. The CSV files are processed by the scheduled 'MUU' job, stored in the SQL to import the data from the CSV files to the ResourceOne database.

  4. The processed files are moved to the <Coretrac Folder>\MUU\Processed folder in the SQL server.



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