How to grant group permissions for new users to view or pull reports on CRW


This article shows how a Custom Report Writer (CRW) Administrator can add or clone groups and grant or provide permissions to view or pull certain reports.

This article should be referenced in cases where certain users within your organization cannot view or pull reports that they should be able to.



The permission system is inclusion-based, which means that users and groups must be given permission to the various functionalities and initially will have no permissions at all. The Custom Report Writer's security system is a Group/User Permission's Membership model that works separately from the ResourceOne Regular users. These users are added and managed in groups, and these can be given permissions. On CRW each report may have its own shared access rules, based on the user groups.


To provide access to such Reports, a CRW administrator must:

  1. Create a new group and assign the relevant users to this group.

    You can also clone an existing group (where the members you'd like to provide additional access to are currently in this group). The method below uses the cloning method.

    Groups are managed in the grid as shown above. Use the clone functionality to quickly create many similar groups before pruning or adding unique permissions to each group. It should be noted that there is no need to create an “R1Admin” group because this is an elevated privilege that is set on the user level.

  2. Edit the report to share it with the group just created.

    An administrator or report owner can grant others access to view and/or edit their reports. The sharing tab allows the user to share with other security groups or individual users. The leftmost checkbox is a “View” permission whereas the “Edit” permission is an additional checkbox. The “Export” check box allows the user or group to export the data when the results are returned.



Users who were previously expected to be able to pull/view the reports should now be able to.




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