Error: "We cannot find your user account" When Trying to Log In to Infer


You are trying to log in to the Infer portal ( but you cannot sign in getting the following error:
We cannot find your user account


Your user account may have been deactivated.

Please submit a support request to refresh invitation for your account including the error message that you get.


Follow the steps below to refresh invitation for the user's account:

  1. Connect to the Infer VPN
  2. Open the Keystone web portal (requires Infer VPN access). 
  3. Open the Customers tab from the left pane. 
  4. Search for the Customer organization and click on the matching organization.
  5. Navigate to the Portal > Configuration.
  6. Select the required user account and click Refresh Invitation.


  7. Check your email (the one that you entered when logged in to Keystone for the first time) - you should receive am email with the activation link.


  8. Provide the activation link to the customer.
    Note: If they are still experiencing login issues, reset their password.





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