How to back DB Tables up


You are about to modify a Table in CoreTrac, and you want to make a Back up of that table to avoid losing data.



To back up a table, complete the following steps:

  1. Take note of the Name of the Table you want to backup. (From now on, we will call it Name_of_the_existent_table).

  2. Take note of the ticket number, if you created one.


Agents only: take note of the ticket number created by the customer.


  1. Build the name of the new table in the database: To do so, add the Name_of_the_existent_table and the ticket number, if you created one. If you did not, you can add another number like a date, for ordering purposes. We will call this new table's name, the Name_of_new_table from now on.

  2. Execute the following query in the Database:
    select * into Name_of_new_table from Name_of_the_existent_table 

You can find more examples in the w3Schools article related to SQL SELECT INTO sentence.



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