How would an investment referral auto match with a savings account?


One of your employees created an investment referral. It looks like it auto-matched with a savings account as well, so you are wondering how an investment referral would auto-match to a savings account. 



ResourceOne will auto-match new accounts when the contact information or pipeline details are up to date and match the information coming from the core/host system. If you need more information about how the match between the investment referral was created, please contact the Support staff and provide them with the following information regarding the case:

  • Referrer's (the user) first name and last name.
  • Referral date.
  • A screenshot of the Notes tab of the account that was opened.

A customer support representative will contact you back with the information of the matching and the explanation of the behavior.


To get this information from the database, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the customer database.
  2. Open the customer's relevant internal database.
  3. Search for the User_ID of the referrer using the following query.
    select user_id from Users where first_name = '<User first name>' and last_name = '<User last name>'


  4. Now that you have the User_ID, you must look for the Matching_History table records to confirm if the matching was made manually by the user.

    The following query shows up the structure of the Matching_History table.
    select * 
    from Matching_History

    You can use a simple SQL query in this table to get all the transactions made by this User ID. To do that, filter by the Match_User_ID column, something like:
    select * 
    from Matching_History
    where Match_User_ID = XXX 
    Where XXX is the User_ID that you got in step 3 of this guide.

At this point, you will be able to see who did the match and conclude if the investment referral got automated with the savings account or if it was done by the R1 Admin account, which is the one used for auto-match purposes.




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