Why do I see "Admin" or "R1" in the Modified By history prompt, if I matched manually an account?


When you do a manual matching, the history prompt shows in the MODIFIED BY section your name as the modified of that record. However, after you made a match to a specific record, it is showing ADMIN, R1 information. 




The 'MODIFIED BY' field displays who made the last change or update to the account, which is not necessarily the account merge.

The cause that field might show up the R1 or admin text in the MODIFIED BY field can be explained because the account update could've been made by the import process, which was made after the account merge, overlapping the previous change information.

  • If you still consider that this is not the case, please contact support, so we can make a deeper investigation of the case. The account merge history is stored in a separate table in the database.




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