Why Leads Were Re-Scored Without Recent Activities?


You may notice that old leads were re-scored (e.g., the score increased unexpectedly) while there were no recent activities for these contacts.


Leads may have been rescored due to a recent threshold change in Infer.

Note: Since score for leads is defined by Infer's advanced machine learning algorithms, which consider thousands of signals, any relevant signal can change a lead's relevance which is then mirrored in their score. As each Infer client has a custom scoring model, questions why score changed for a specific lead need to be investigated by the Professional Services team on a case-by-case basis.

To investigate why the score changed in your particular case, please submit a request including the following information:

  • Links to the affected leads
  • Time when the score changed unexpectedly
  • Threshold values configured in Salesforce and if you want to have the same thresholds configured in Infer.
  • Please specify if you want to disable the automatic re-scoring feature - in this case, old leads (which have a score) will not be re-scored when thresholds are updated.





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