The 'MUU_Insert_Exception' job is taking longer than usual to be fully executed


You ran an Automated (MUU_Insert_Exception) Job at night, but it takes longer than usual (over 4 hours) to run and some files just don't move from the DataFiles folder to the Processed folder. 



The time needed to execute the job varies according to the server resources and the volume of the records that need processing. by increasing the log size we will be able to perform a deeper review of this particular issue. If you need a more extensive Root Cause analysis of this performance issue, please contact support and provide the following information:

  • Approval to access your instance (and instructions of how to access, if needed)
  • Information about the times of the day where you observe this issue happening.



Agents only:

Perform the following actions as troubleshooting steps to get more information about the issue:

  • Expand the output message on the 'MUU_Ready_File_Check' step to have a more explicit log of the task​


  • Increase the size of the job history log from 1000/100 to 3000/300 to have a more detailed history to review in case the issue occurs again





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