Bags Becoming Stuck Due to Stock Level Failure


You want to know why multiple bags are getting stuck because of "stock level failures" for one or more lines. This error message is displayed in the DE7K screen in CIMS.


If you find that some bags are getting stuck and the "stock level failure" message is displayed when this happens, it is possible that there is not enough stock available for the given location and stock type. To confirm if this is the case for a specific work unit, contact Prologic support making sure to provide the work unit number. 

- The agent must have access to the customer's database. 
In order to verify if the cause for this issue is that there is no stock available, use the following query:

select i.wrk_unit_num, d.source_num, d.source_type, ld.loc_name, ld.loc_sort, 
i.season, i.sty_num, i.sty_qual, i.bf_mat_char_val, i.sty_size, i.tot_qty, i.qty1, i.qty2, i.qty3, i.qty4, i.qty5, i.qty6, i.qty7, i.qty8,  i.qty9, i.qty10, i.qty11, i.qty12, stk.tot_item_qty tot_stock, stk.qty1 stk_qty1, stk.qty2 stk_qty2, stk.qty3 stk_qty3, stk.qty4 stk_qty4, stk.qty5 stk_qty5, stk.qty6 stk_qty6, stk.qty7 stk_qty7, stk.qty8 stk_qty8,  stk.qty9 stk_qty9, stk.qty10 stk_qty10, stk.qty11 stk_qty12, stk.qty12  stk_qty12 from cdi.cdi_move_errors e inner join cdi.cdi_move_items i on e.wrk_unit_num = i.wrk_unit_num and e.wrk_unit_item = i.wrk_unit_item inner join cdi.cdi_move_defs d on i.wrk_unit_num = d.wrk_unit_num inner join loc_defs ld on d.source_num = ld.loc_num left join gar_bin_stk stk on d.source_num = stk.loc_num and d.source_type = stk.gstock_type and i.season = stk.season and i.sty_num = stk.sty_num and i.sty_qual = stk.sty_qual and i.bf_mat_char_val = stk.bf_mat_char_val and i.sty_size = stk.sty_size where e.wrk_unit_num in ( <work unit numbers provided by the customer>) and (coalesce(i.qty1,0) > coalesce(stk.qty1,0) or coalesce(i.qty2,0) > coalesce(stk.qty2,0) or coalesce(i.qty3,0) > coalesce(stk.qty3,0) or coalesce(i.qty4,0) > coalesce(stk.qty4,0) or coalesce(i.qty5,0) > coalesce(stk.qty5,0) or coalesce(i.qty6,0) > coalesce(stk.qty6,0) or coalesce(i.qty7,0) > coalesce(stk.qty7,0) or coalesce(i.qty8,0) > coalesce(stk.qty8,0) or coalesce(i.qty9,0) > coalesce(stk.qty9,0) or coalesce(i.qty10,0) > coalesce(stk.qty10,0) or coalesce(i.qty11,0) > coalesce(stk.qty11,0) or coalesce(i.qty12,0) > coalesce(stk.qty12,0) )

In the results, compare the TOT_QTY and TOT_STOCK columns. The first value will indicate the stock on the work unit, while the second value will provide the stock available in the location. If the stock available field is empty, there is not enough stock.

This query also provides information about the location which does not have stock in columns LOC_NAME and LOC_SORT. Because of this, you can export your results to an Excel file and share it with the customer along with the explanation of the error.



Prologic Support will share with you their findings. If it has been confirmed that there is not enough stock, you will receive information about the location where the stock must be added to stop experiencing this issue.



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