Web Service is Taking Too Long to Respond


The web service used to journal your sales transactions, or any other web service is taking an excessive amount of time to respond. This article provides information about how this issue should be reported to Prologic Support, so the support team can provide a solution.


When the web service used to record transactions, or any other service used to import stock, import picks, update the order status, etc., is taking a long time to respond, this issue needs to be reported to Prologic Support. Not addressing this issue may result in duplicate transactions, orders with an incorrect status, outdated stock, etc. Contact support and make sure to include the following information:

  • Name of the web service.
  • Time the service is taking to respond.
  • Date and time the service was run. 



  • The agent should have access to the customer's DB.
  • The queries will need to be adjusted according to the client's implementation and architecture.

To solve this issue, follow the steps below:

  1. Check if the web service is running.

    To do this, open the WSDL of the services from the customer end-point. For example, for the customer Fat Face, the WSDL link would be http://a71x00:8001/FatFaceLive/FFServicePort?wsdl

    Note: The customer's application server would contain WebLogic admin and the WSDL can be found in the web logic console.

  2. If the service is not running, restart the web service.
  3. If the service is up and running, check the debug level. The debug level is used to write the entries in the log file, the higher the level the more detailed the content. A higher debug level would write the file entries with more log lines. As such, it would take more I/O process and add more time to the processing. For example, for the Web Import Sales service for Fat Face, this is done as follows:
    select debug_level from xdi_180416.caller where service_operation = 'ff_service/importWebSales'
  4. If the debug level is high, modify it. Continuing with the example above, the query used to accomplish this would be the following:
    update xdi_180416.caller set debug_level = 0 where service_operation = 'ff_service/importWebSales'



After a solution has been applied by the Prologic Support team, the web service's response should decrease. If this isn't the case, please contact the support team again to get further assistance. 



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