ODBC Bridge is Crashing


You are using version 2021.1 or prior versions of the ODBC Bridge to query some rows from your database and the bridge crashes. The following error is displayed: "Gensym G2-ODBC Bridge Has Stopped Working." 


There is a known issue in the ODBC Bridge versions 2021.1 and prior, only experienced with the 64-bit version, where querying more than 100 values will cause the bridge to crash and display an error message.

A permanent fix for this issue has been included in the 2021.2 release. If your ODBC Bridge version is 2021.1 or older, and you are still experiencing this issue, a G2 upgrade is highly recommended. For questions about upgrading to our latest release, reach out directly to your Account Manager, as you will require a new license.

If an upgrade is not possible, possible workarounds are the following:

  • Use the 32-bit version of the bridge.
  • <supportagent>The customer may require another license to install the 32-bit version of the bridge. Refer to Generating G2 License Files for more information.</supportagent>
  • Modify queries to ensure no more than 100 rows are returned.



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