Order Stuck in Allocated State in CIMS


The order has already been shipped by the warehouse, but it got stuck as Allocated in CIMS and no picks have been assigned. You need to progress the order into the Picking state so it can go to the warehouse.


Please reach out to the Support Team and provide the Order(s) ID(s) and the support team will investigate the issue and get back to you with the root cause and the solution.


An order can only have 1 despatch assigned to it and this can be represented by setting the dsp_num in the sor_payments table, and also gtrans_items should have the same gtrans_num for the given sor_num field.


  • The agent should have access to the customer's DB.
  • The queries will need to be adjusted according to the client's implementation and architecture.
    • 48978691 - id provided by the customer.
  • It is recommended to create backup tables first before changing the data and drop the backup tables after the solution is confirmed.
  • Use unique names for backup tables so that they can be identified.

1. Run this query to confirm that orders are in the Allocated state:

select sor_num, sor_ref, mail.get_order_status(sor_num) 
from sor_defs
where sor_ref in ('48978691')


2. Backup:

create table sup.zd2804961_sor_payments as
select * from sor_payments where sor_num in (
select sor_num from sor_defs
where sor_ref in ( '48978691')

3. Update the despatch number in the payment to point to the correct despatch:

  • 3.1. Use this SQL query to get the list of the despatch number assigned to the order:
select gtrans_num, dsp_num from gtrans_defs where gtrans_num in (
select gtrans_num from gtrans_items where sor_num = <order_number>
  • 3.2. In the sor_payments table usually, there's a dsp_num that may have to point to an empty despatch, you need to correct those to point to the correct despatch number, despatch that has non zero quantity in the item line.


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After the issue will be resolved the order state should not be Allocated in HS0A.


The query from step 1 should confirm the Picking state:

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